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Global Cotton Under One Roof

Our company places a paramount emphasis on the quality of cotton, meticulously evaluating various attributes, from grade to brightness. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed for sea shipments, using high-quality cotton cloth to safeguard bales during transit. Our dedicated loading team ensures a seamless packing process both at the ginning premises and before container loading. Our commitment to quality and careful packaging extends to our logistics experts, who ensure that every bale is appropriately labeled. This holistic approach underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional cotton products to our customers.

The quality of cotton stands as a paramount concern for our company. Initially, we meticulously evaluate the cotton for various attributes such as grade, trash, contamination, brightness, and more through manual assessment. Once the cotton meets the required standards for these criteria, we extract an actual outturn sample from the middle of the bale in a layered format. This sample is then sent to our laboratory for HVI classification. Subsequently, the cotton undergoes comprehensive testing for attributes including length, micronaire, strength, SFI, uniformity, maturity, color grade, trash, and more. These test results are then compared against the contractual specifications we've agreed upon with our customers. Only when the results align with or surpass the parameters outlined in our customer contracts is the cotton given approval.

Our quality and weight control personnel meticulously inspect both quality and weight aspects. We have assembled a team of individuals with the right experience and qualifications for this purpose. They perform manual inspections, engage in HVI assessments, and double-check the weights using two separate weight bridges. HVI is utilized to assess quality, while the weight bridges ensure precise weight management, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Our packaging is tailor-made for sea shipments, and our diligent loading team closely supervises the packing process at the ginning premises as well as prior to loading the bales into containers during truck transportation. We employ top-grade cotton cloth to envelop the bales, guaranteeing their resilience during the demanding journey. Our logistics professionals exercise meticulous attention to detail in the packaging process, ensuring that each bale is properly labeled.

Our Cotton By Country of Origin and their Salient Features


Diversified Cotton ranging from 22mm to 38mm, fully handpicked cotton cultivated from Vedic Times. This cotton variety is ideal for crafting fine fabrics, ensuring durability and luxury in every weave.