Raw Cotton
Cotton, being our family business, we specialize in supplying all kinds of raw cotton grown in India. We have three large scale Modern Ginning & Pressing units located in the state of Haryana which produces 90 M.T/day from Saw gins as well as Double Roller gins. The cotton quality is minutely monitored and maintained at all stages of production.
We simply focus on Customer Satisfaction with our quality oriented attitude. Our satisfaction is reflected in our customers' satisfaction and gain. We all can survive through thick and thin, good and bad, ups and down, aggression and recessions only if we maintain quality. The quality is foremost concern for us, and thus cotton is carefully selected, neatly processed, HVI tested, thoroughly inspected, nicely packed and finally exported to destination on time.
Come what may, we guarantee our quality and honour our commitments in all situations. We strongly believe that without quality, trust and commitment, we can do business only once, which is extremely short term business policy for any organization.