Mission & Vision
Business Strategy
The Company claims to be one of the reliable suppliers of quality cotton in International Market through their dynamic business strategy, which holds value only on Sustainability and Transparency. Consistently driven by ethos of sustainability and transparency, the company has invested carefully in augmenting its business principle in the areas of strength and streamlining focus especially in the areas that have future potential.
We Devise our strategies and implement our actions with the conception that "Had we been in the position of Cotton Buyer, what we would have expected practically."
Our mission is to create our presence in every part of the world with our reliable commitments, unmatched experience and quality services.
Value for Customer
The company focuses on the transparency in its relationship with its customers. These relationships have been built up over the years and have evolved on the dictates of the heart rather than mind. We strongly believe that the customer is the only asset to our operations, without which our existence would not be valued. With the perception of this we had built up a very powerful client base in the countries where we are currently having our operations.
We Invite our buyers for official visits to our factories and cotton fields to inspect the quality of the cotton at the time of procurement.
We also invite our clients to appoint any International reputed controller such as SGS, Wake Field Inspection Services Ltd., Cargo Control etc. to supervise their Cotton at our premises any time.
Value for Quality
At, Sunny Trexim Pvt Ltd Sustainability encompasses the guarantee of our quality delivered, efficiency oriented service at every roots of dealing and more importantly the honour of our commitments. In arena of our organization every stage of business is taken care from the buyer's point of view.
The cotton quality is physically inspected & manually assessed by qualified cotton graders, then the inspected quality is HVI tested, nicely packed and then finally exported to various destination on time under the trademark of "SUNNYCOTTS". We offer our Customers to go through the HVI reports before the Shipments. As per buyer's requirement we can supply least Contaminated cotton processed by the Modernized TMC ( Technology Mission on Cotton) Units in India.
Our International Cotton Controllers in respect of Carrying out Post Landing Jobs are Wakefeild Inspection Services as well as SGS.They exclusivley conduct Supervision of Weighing and Sampling of our Various Shipment around the world.Till date we assure you that these International Companies have never came accross to any such Abnormal Loss of Weights or Huge difference of Quality as per the Contracted Specifications.This some how indicates us a committed as well trustworthy shipper from India.Companies requiring refrences in respect of our Company can direct their Enquiries to Wakefeild Inspection Services(WIS),Liverpool as well as SGS,Geneva.