Indian Wheat
We are offering the Indian wheat for exports from India. We are dealing only in Wheat of Gujarat Origin as we believe in shipping only the consistent quality to our overseas buyers. Indian Wheat is a very good source of protein. Wheat in India is produced in varities such as Aestivum and Durum. Aestivum is semi hard wheat and Durm is harder variety. Wheat is actual a edible grass whose whole Grains are offering various Nutrition related benefits.. It contains lot of Vitamins , Minerals and Dietary Fibre. This Grain is most important Staple of food for all the humans and in India is it cultivated on more land area as compared to the other commercial crops.
Wheat Contains a protein Called Gluten. This protein is most important contituent of bread reason which maximum bakery products are made from wheat. Wheat is one of the valuable sources of protein as compared to other rice or other major cereals. It's cultivation is quite favourable as it has a very good yield per unit area and very short growing period as well. Due to its cultivation advantages, wheat is termed a good cash crop and has a sizeble share in the World Grain Markets. India is one of leading producers of wheat in the world with other countries such as United States of America, China, European Union , Russia etc. There are only 4-5 Countries which together contribute nearly 50-60% of total wheat production in the world.
Specification of Indian Milling Wheat
Moisture 12% max.
Test Weight 76kg/hl
Foreign Matter (Dirt/Dust & Other   Non-edible Matters) 1.5% Max.
Other Food Grains 3% Max.
Shriveled & Broken Grain 3% Max.
Damaged Grain 2% Min.
Gluten(Wet) 26% Min.
Protein on Dry Basis 11.5% Min.
Falling Number 250/sec. Min.
Live Insects Nil
Odour-free and freshly Fumigated