Indian Rice
Throughout the world, there is a lot of variety of rice but the maximum number of rice varities originate from India. In India the rice is generally classified in two types such as Basmati and Non Basmati Rice. We are situated in Kolkata City of West Bengal State. This State specializes in Non Basmati Rice Production. This Rice comes in all Kinds of Shapes and Sizes. The grains are short ,thick , long and slender. As we are centrally and nearly located in the Non Basmati Rice production Area so we have a full control in the quality and from Kolkata Sea Port Infrastructural Management of Export of Non Basmati Rice.We, Sunny Trexim assure that as we are situated right next to Rice Cultivating/ Production Area so we give our 100% efforts to make sure that there is no compromise in the quality.
Indian Non-Basmati Rice has been in popular demand in various Rice Importing Countries across the globe. Major Countries importing Non Basmati Rice from India is Africa , Nigeria , South East Asia , Europe and many Middle East Countries as well. There are Various unmatched benfits of Non Basmati Rice.Non Basmati Rice contains very less Starch and it is easily Digestible. Non Basmati Rice is always prefreefed for Daily Cooking and many Indian Dishes are made more delicious by using Non Basmati Rice such as Rice Porridge , Sweet Pongal , Biryani and most Famous Chineese Fried Rice. There are various Rice Varities in of West Bengal. Few of the Varities which is generally most demanded for Export in Various importing Countries is as under :-

1. IR 36 & IR 64 Par Boiled Rice
2. Swarna Raw & Parboiled Rice
3. IR 36 Par Boiled Rice

In Non Basamati Rice Exports from West Bengal Swarna Rice is very much in Demand round the year. Swarna Non Basamti Rice is used in Various Countried across the Globe for different types of appetizing Dishes. This Rice is Mostly Grown in West Bengal. It is Short Grain Rice and also called as "Mansuri".This grain of rice is exclusive to India and is not grown anywhere in Asia. The Grain Length is Major Key to it's Unique Character. Swarna Non Basamati Rice is available in various Broken % such as 5,10,25 & 100. It is also available in Oil Polish, Chalky and Par Boiled. This Rice is processed in Silky and Sortex Form and it is grown from Paddy acquired from Various Districts of West Bengal.
Specification of Indian Rice
Origin West Bengal
Moisture 14% max.
Discolor Damage 2%
Admixture 5%
Chalky 4-5%
Avg. Grain Length 5.20 mm.
Broken 5% , 10% , 25% & 100% max
Swarna Rice is available in Steam / Par boiled, freshly fumigated and free from live weevils.